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Ready to book? Need an excuse? Here’s 10…

1. You have no nice photos of you and your babes

2. You're pregnant and want to celebrate how incredible your body is right now!

3. You recently had a baby and want to feel comfortable and beautiful in your new Mama body. 

4. You are due soon or have a very new baby and want to document the first special newborn days.

5. Your baby's Birthday is coming up.

6. Your Birthday is coming up.

7. Baby slept through the night and you feel like a new woman!

8. Baby is still not sleeping through the night and you need wanna treat yourself, you deserve it. 

9. You're feeling free and happy and loving being a Mama. 

10. You're struggling to love yourself but really want to.

OK one more....

11. it will be Christmas before you know it and that's always a good excuse. 

None of these work for you? Let me know and i'll think of some more...

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