Hey Mamas Welcome to my journal

My name is Melanie and I’m  Motherhood Photographer.

I started on this crazy photography journey almost 7 years ago. I knew straight away that I wanted to specialise in newborn photography, which was just emerging in the UK back then. Over the years of photographing these gorgeous newborns, I realised I had this insane love of photographing Mothers with their babies.

Now thats what I do. I photograph all mothers, whether you are pregnant with your first baby or you have a whole family tribe. I’m here to document this part of your journey for you.

I’m not much into posing and smiling to the camera, nope, I’m into capturing beautiful, natural, honest moments, the moments you really want to remember.

Relocating the dream.

Just two months ago we relocated our family of five from Buckinghamshire all the way to Cornwall.  It’s been a big, tough move full of emotions and highs and lows, much like motherhood. And it’s been a huge reminder of the struggles that Motherhood can sometimes bring.

It’s not always easy, actually it’s rarely easy.

This has inspired me to get really real and start embracing the messy, crazy, wonderful truth.

It’s all about embracing the real moments of motherhood and not being afraid of the bad but finding the beautiful in every day.

So trust me when I say something new and exciting is coming for you cool, creative Mama’s, watch this space or even better contact me here to book your session and celebrate being your Childs entire world because it’s pretty damn incredible!

I’m also SO excited to finally shoot at the beach!!!!


Thanks for being here and thanks for reading. x


A few of my family getting accustomed to Cornish life.

Cornwall Family PhotographerCornwall Family Photographer

I'm Mel. Oh hey!

Cornwall Motherhood Photographer 

Documenting real Motherhood, the Chaos, Calpol & Caffeine, 

because the days are long but the years are short. 

Devon, Cornwall and beyond.