January 25, 2022

Get in the Frame | Family Photos

Are you forever missing out on being included in the family photos?

You deserve more than family selfies. Let me show you and your loves from my point of view.

You are unique; there is no one else just like you. I firmly believe that you deserve to take up space in this big wide world; honestly, regardless of how you look or feel, your love is always worth capturing. I’d hate for you to look back and not have any photographs of yourself with your babies.

family walk up a sandy hill at the beach. Mother holds little girl whilst dad and son are further ff in the background
family photos
dad cuddles son smiling. family photos

Get in your family photos!

I have been there with the post-baby body, and believe me when I say your body is incredible for what it just did! No one expects you to “bounce back” our bodies change and evolve. You are amazing just the way you are. You owe it to yourself and your kids for them to have photographs of you. Most people, at some point, don’t like themselves in pictures. But I promise one day you’ll look back with kinder eyes and realise your beauty. I promise.

Not liking yourself in pictures might not be the issue here; like Louise, you might always be the photographer and never in the photo. I know I’m always the one with my camera out in my family.

In years to come if someone looked back at my family they’d be forgiven for thinking my husband was a single Dad If someone looked back at my family in years to come, they would likely think my husband was a single Dad to three with a dog and was just so lucky to have his own personal photographer following him around! I know I need to get in the photographs more myself and make a point of doing it when I can, but I’m so happy to provide this service for you.

I think my message is starting to ring loud and clear here. Get in your family photos!

family cuddle together on the beach
Daughter rides on dads shoulders at the beach and smiles at the camera. Family photos

You won’t regret it!

Show up, be present with your family and relax into a wonderful shoot that’s just about you and your loved ones. I genuinely don’t know a soul who has ever regretted investing in documenting the memories of themselves and their family.

Let’s get you in front of the camera this year. Contact me here and we’ll get you booked in!