April 1, 2022

Simon and Allie | Cornwall Couples Photoshoot

A Cornwall couples photoshoot is a perfect way to celebrate your love for each other. A little commemoration or a way to mark a special time in your lives. It really doesn’t have to be because of a landmark date, however. Take this gorgeous Cornwall couple shoot with Allie and Simon. A gorgeous American couple living in the UK. They are already married and love adventuring together with their lovely dog. They decided to not wait for the big moments together but to book a photoshoot with me “just because”. It was a perfect dreamy evening and really encapsulates their love and where they are in their life.

cornwall couples photoshoot in the sand dunes
red haired woman on the beach
couple smile at camera at golden hour at the beach Cornwall couples photoshoot
Holywell bay cornwall couples photoshoot
couple smile at each other and hold dog between them on holywell bay for a cornwall couples photoshoot
close up of couple nose to nose
black and white shot of man and woman running from the sea during cornwall couples photoshoot
Couple cuddle their dog at the beach Cornwall Couple Photoshoot
red haired lady smiles at camera at the beach

Why Cornwall?

In my opinion there is no better place than Cornwall in the UK for a mini break. There are golden beaches, rolling hills, ancient forests and more than enough pubs to keep you entertained. 

It’s the perfect place to go if you want to get away and be surrounded by nature. There are plenty of beautiful hikes, beaches, and other outdoor activities that you can do with your partner. When it comes to taking photos together in such an amazing location, I truly think that Cornwall is the perfect location.

If you want to have your own Cornwall couples photoshoot then why wait? Get in touch to book your discovery call to plan your special evening.

Need a little nudge? Check out this truly stunning Album of amazing memories that we put together to remember the night.