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Hey, I'm Melanie


I have been a professional photographer for 10 years. Wow! The years fly by so fast! When I’m not photographing, I’m with my family. I’m a mother to three, plus one crazy dog! My husband and I attempt to handle this chaos! We spend a lot of time outdoors; we’re so lucky to live in Cornwall. Barefooted walks on the beach and staying to watch the sunset is my favourite thing in the world.

I love people, I miss hugging, and I definitely chat too much. I ask questions; I’m always curious about people’s journey to now; I love to get a bit deep; it fuels what I do. When people open up, we always get the most beautiful, honest, soulful photographs.

Photographer capturing family love & magic in

Cornwall & Devon

Beautiful moments


let me inspire you to exist in photos with your children.

I’ll never forget those first few months when my daughter made her arrival into the world and the startling realisation that life had changed forever. A whole new person was unfolding before me at a tremendous velocity, and there was no pause button. That, combined with the endless sleepless nights, it was a whirlwind. I felt compelled to document those fleeting moments, and so, as I became a mother, I also became a photographer. When she was just 12 months old, my computer crashed, and every one of my photos was lost. Memories, moments, precious glimpses of that magical time are all gone. And as much as I’ve tried to crawl through the depths of my memory ever since, it’s just a hazy newborn blur. I didn’t realise it at the time, but it was one of those life-defining moments that enabled me to find my purpose. My desire to capture childhood and maternal love was born from the loss of my daughter’s first memories. I want every single family to have these moments frozen in time, there for you to reminisce and remember in 20 years from now when your little ones are no longer little.